Goodejuice House Brewed Filtering Improvement

I’ve mentioned before that I am a big fan or Goodejuice House Brewed flavors.  I have also noted that the liquids are thick and tend to clog atomizers and cartomizers.  I attributed it to the 50/50 PG/VG ratio that is higher in VG than I typically vape.  It turns out that part of the problem may have to do with the density of the flavoring that results from the extraction process.  The folks at Goodejuice were concerned with the issue and have modified the process to include added filtering.  I recently received some e-liquids that have benefited from the new filtering process and it does seem to have made a difference.  The juices are still thick, but cartomizers are now useful for several more fills than they were before.  The House Brewed e-liquids are good enough that I don’t mind discarding a carto after a week, but a few extra days will make me even happier.

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