Black Fire Flavoring – Close To The Real Thing

Black Fire flavoring from FlavourArt provides about as close to a burning paper smell as vaporized liquid possibly can.  I picked a bottle of this up recently from Ecig Express, mixed it up and was amazed at the results.  It doesn’t necessarily taste like a cigarette so much as it does the burning paper of one.  With that in mind, this will likely be a fantastic flavor to use in conjunction with other tobaccos that are missing a little of the smokey flavor.  There don’t seem to be any other flavors present in Black Fire either, unlike some other smoke flavorings that taste overwhelmingly of hickory or mesquite.

Note that Black Fire is a DIY flavoring, not a premixed juice and cannot be vaped on its own.  The description mentions mixing at 1-5%, but a mix of 10% flavoring in a 80/20 PG/VG mix seems just about right to me.

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