NJoy at Walmart!

Electronic Cigarettes at WalmartNot the best electronic cigarette and not the best outlet for it, but seeing a big NJoy display at Walmart made my day.  Sure I would have rather seen an eGo or KR808 kit, but the NJoy is at least a usable electronic cigarette and at a reasonable price.  Walmart is selling a single rechargeable battery starter kit for $18.97 and refill 5-packs for $18.97.  The price is high and quality low compared to what can be bought online, but I'm happy because for less than the cost of a few packs of cigarettes, a lot of smokers will be tempted to give it a try.  I did it three years ago with an Njoy clone that cost twice as much, but, and this is the important part, I have been smoke free ever since.  Electronic cigarettes prominently displayed in Walmart should be a good thing for smokers and for the ecig industry.


  1. E Newman says:

    I have to wonder does this mean the end of us many smaller eCommerce shops. Its pretty scary once walmart starts something its only a matter of time before they entrench fully.

    I think its scary for all of us in this industry.

    The only silver lining I can see is that it forces more smokers to educate themselves and hopefully a spike a business for everyone after that.

    • Eric says:

      I agree that Walmart can have quite a negative effect on small retailers. The legitimizing effect of seeing the ecig in Walmart may outweigh the potential downside, though. And as you mention, it may draw more people to electronic cigarette use that would otherwise never see one.

  2. Vapegrl says:

    Thanks for the report, Eric. I mentioned this port in a recent article about the local stores at which people may be able to buy e-cigarettes. It’s a shame that Walmart couldn’t have picked a brand priced a bit more reasonably.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks for the link. I was just discussing this with some other vapers yesterday. I would love to see a mainstream store like Walmart or a drug store chain carry a version of the eGo. With some of the new simple cartomizers available, how hard could it be?

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