Seedman’s Commercial Flavoring

It’s rare that I like a tobacco flavoring by itself in my electronic cigarette e-liquid mixes, but I always mix a little e-liquid that way to get a sense of what the flavor is like.  I recently ordered some Seedman’s “Commercial” flavoring from Blue Mist Vapors and was pleasantly surprised.  Mixed at about 8%, the Commercial has a fairly complex and enjoyable flavor even when its not combined with other flavors.  Good tobacco with just a hint of a caramel-like sweetness give it a light RY4 type of flavor.   This will make a great flavor as-is, but should also become a great base for other recipes.

Note for new users:  The Seedman’s flavoring is a concentrated flavoring, meaning that it must be mixed with a combination of NIC liquid, PG and VG before use in your electronic cigarette.  See the DIY Beginners Guide for more information.



  1. Dick Wiley says:


    I’m confused about using Seedman’s flavorings in e-liquid. Their web site specifys that their flavors are intended for tobacco leaves only. Are they all safe for e-liquids or just some of them?


    Dick Wiley

    • Eric says:

      I hope I’m not being naive, but I essentially place my trust in the vendors that are selling the flavoring, as well as the fact that quite a few DIYers have been using Seedmans for quite some time. My assumption is that the statement by Seedman’s is a form of disclaimer, but it’s just that, an assumption. If you do have reservations about vaping the flavoring, a query to the company would probably be the best bet.