Goodejuice USA Made E-liquid

For anyone still searching for the all-day tobacco electronic cigarette liquid, the USA Lab Made line from Goodejuice is worth a try.  I’ve been vaping the High Octane, Full Throttle, M-Type Lite and Bull Durham for a few days now and have enjoyed them.  This is a custom line from Goodejuice with a nice clear appearance.  The 60PG/40VG mix (and I suspect the lack of tobacco extraction process) make these liquids a good deal thinner than the House Brewed line.

At this point I would love to delve into a detailed analysis of the flavor nuances of each of the variations I tried, but frankly I’m not very good at discerning individual flavors.  What I can tell you is that all of them are good clean tobacco flavors that are easy to get stuck on.  The Goodejuice product page states that they were going for the perfect tobacco taste and I’d say they got pretty close.  Particularly on the exhale, these remind me of the taste of a cigarette.  Throat hit is good and vapor production is excellent.

The 30ml comes in a glass dropper bottle and at $15 is a good value for a custom made e-liquid.  3ml sample bottles are also available and come in a standard plastic squeeze bottle.  For those who like tobacco flavors in their electronic cigarette, these are definitely worth a try.


  1. e cigs says:

    Thanks. But how does it taste? I hated the smoke51. The taste was really sour. What does the menthol taste like? I got the the kit with all flavors. Me and my stepdad are spilting it. Be ordered an extra atomizer and we are going to spilt the kit bewtween us. So we will both have one. But anyways, I am a menthol smoker and I like the feeling from them. Lightheaded I geuss I would say. Does this give that effect? I mean the good phsical relief of a cigarette?

    • Eric says:

      The taste is really good. They’re not as rich as some of the heavier tobacco flavors I’ve tried, but most importantly they don’t have any of that chemical flavor that is found in so many of the mass market tobaccos. The flavor is difficult to pinpoint, but it’s clean and smooth. I have not tried the menthol versions, but the regular tobaccos do give a good strong sensation. The menthol should give even more.