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25% off Blue E-liquid This Weekend

I recently offered a review of a few Blue e-liquid flavors from Smoktek, and now Smoktek is offering an even better deal on them.  Use the code juice25 to save on SmokEjuice  through 9/20!

Blue Line E-Liquid from Smoktek

I don’t do a lot of e-liquid reviews and the over-the-top flavor concentration of a lot of e-liquids is part of the reason why. ¬†I have many half-full bottles of e-liquids that were fantastic to sample, but just too much for an all day vape. ¬†I’ve had some that only became palatable after diluting with […]

A Great Needle for VG

I’ve always been a little irritated by the slow pace of pouring VG from a graduated cylinder to my bottles when mixing e-liquids. I’ve finally found a solution in a nice big syringe needle from DIY Flavor Shack. They’re one of the first vendors I’ve seen that carries a 15 gauge needle that is perfect […]

Burnt Flavor

One of the most common complaints, especially from those new to the vaping world, is burnt flavor.  Irritating, harsh inhales are most often caused by dry wicks that have not absorbed enough eliquid.  Dealing With Burnt Flavor provides  some tips to help you overcome this problem.

Shake That E-Liquid (with no effort!)

  ECBlend has introduced one more item to add to your electronic cigarette gadget list. ¬†The E-Liquid Shaker¬†shakes your e-liquid 5,000 times per minute to hasten the mixing and steeping process. ¬†A great idea for those of us who just can’t wait to try a new arrival!

E-Liquid Usage

One of the first questions a new electronic cigarette user usually asks is, “how much juice do I need?” ¬†This is an important question, because running out of e-liquid can leave you buying cigarettes until your juice order comes in. ¬†It also has a direct impact on the recurring cost of using an electronic cigarette. […]

Goodejuice USA Made E-liquid

For anyone still searching for the all-day tobacco electronic cigarette liquid, the¬†USA Lab Made line from Goodejuice¬†is worth a try. ¬†I’ve been vaping the High Octane, Full Throttle, M-Type Lite and Bull Durham for a few days now and have enjoyed them. ¬†This is a custom line from Goodejuice with a nice clear appearance. ¬†The […]

Tobacco Express Flavorings from Ecig Express

I’m always on the lookout for new tobacco flavorings. ¬†Most of my stock of tobaccos need a little something else like vanilla, caramel or fruit flavors to make them an enjoyable vape. ¬†It’s always nice to find a good tobacco flavoring that vapes well on its own and¬†Tobacco Express flavorings from Ecig Express¬†fall solidly in […]

Seedman’s Commercial Flavoring

It’s rare that I like a tobacco flavoring by itself in my electronic cigarette e-liquid mixes, but I always mix a little e-liquid that way to get a sense of what the flavor is like. ¬†I recently ordered some Seedman’s “Commercial” flavoring from Blue Mist Vapors and was pleasantly surprised. ¬†Mixed at about 8%, the […]

Black Fire Flavoring – Close To The Real Thing

Black Fire flavoring from FlavourArt provides about as close to a burning paper smell as vaporized liquid possibly can. ¬†I picked a bottle of this up recently from Ecig Express, mixed it up¬†and was amazed at the results. ¬†It doesn’t necessarily taste like a cigarette so much as it does the burning paper of one. […]