E-Liquid Usage

One of the first questions a new electronic cigarette user usually asks is, “how much juice do I need?”  This is an important question, because running out of e-liquid can leave you buying cigarettes until your juice order comes in.  It also has a direct impact on the recurring cost of using an electronic cigarette.


There is no exact answer as to how much e-liquid you will use.  The amount varies depending on the type of equipment being used, how often you vape and how long you inhale.  5ml per day is probably a safe estimate and is likely on the high side for most new vapers.  The number is a good one though, because it equates to just over a 30ml bottle of e-liquid per week.  A good idea for all new vapers is to have at least a 30ml bottle in reserve and plan on using 120ml a month.  As you try different flavors you will probably find that you build up a pretty good supply of half full bottles that didn’t quite make it as your favorites.

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