Kanger ProTank Long Term

I reviewed the Kanger ProTank back in May and it has since become part of my starting lineup.  Here are some of things I’ve noticed during the past few months.

  • The ProTank is incredibly easy to use.  It does have to be taken off the battery for filling, but beyond that, simply unscrewing the base and dripping e-liquid into a slightly tilted tank is all that’s required for filling.  Holding the inverted tank over a paper towel is a good idea, as some e-liquid invariably finds its way down the tube.
  • A quick puff into the mouthpiece helps to prime the coil after filling.  That e-liquid mentioned above seems to come from the coil and once the base is reattached there just doesn’t seem to be enough pressure to drive juice into the coil.
  • Coils last a long time, at least with my relatively clear 80PG/20VG e-liquid.
  • New coils may require the removal of a couple of strands of wick to promote good juice flow.  Be careful, though, removal of too much will result in gurgling and leaking.
  • Gurgling does occur more frequently when the tank is almost empty.  Keeping it over a quarter full helps to avoid it.
  • Heads are inexpensive, but rebuilding is also easy.  I’m currently using a short piece of cotton yarn and it works great.  The cotton does have a slight underlying taste that goes away after a tank or so.
  • Airflow is pretty light.  I’ve gotten used to it, but would prefer a little stiffer draw if I had the option.
  • This thing can go through massive amounts of e-liquid!  Massive vapor production and the ability to keep up with practically non-stop vaping can really drain a tank fast.

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