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Temperature Control and Why You Want It.

Along with sub-ohm atomizers and high wattage devices,¬†Temperature Control is one of the hottest (pardon the pun) new vaping technologies this year. ¬†But,¬†if controlling the wattage sent to the atomizer is controlling the heat, then why do we need temperature control? ¬†The answer is that temperature control does a much better job of regulating the […]

Japanese Organic Cotton Wicks

Cotton has become my wick material of choice because of how easy it is to work with and its excellent flavor quality. ¬†While there are lots of cotton options available, the absence of chemicals make organic cotton is a great choice. ¬†I recently picked up some 100% Japanese Organic Cotton pads from and they […]

Kayfun Tank Options

I have become a big fan of the Kayfun rebuildable tank atomizer, in my case the Tobeco style clone. ¬†The¬†ease of building and reliability of these things has me hooked. ¬†The only thing I don’t care for is the size and weight. ¬†It’s just a little bulky and heavy for daily pocket use. To that […]

Kanger EMOW 1600 Kit

I still don’t have any idea what EMOW means, but I am really enjoying it! ¬†The EMOW 1600 kit from Kanger mates a variable voltage battery with a whopping 1600mAh capacity¬†to an excellent bottom dual coil tank with adjustable airflow. ¬†It’s slightly larger than a typical eGo, but smaller and definitely lighter than an APV […]

Clones, Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

It seems like the electronic cigarette world is especially attractive to knock-off manufacturers. ¬†It’s often easier to find a “clone” than it is to find the actual item. From the earliest ecigs and continues to today’s hottest atomizers, nearly identical copies of the best devices are everywhere. ¬†The good news is that a lot of […]

Wire Gauge and Resistance for Rebuildable Atomizers

Higher Gauge = Thinner Wire = Higher Resistance Anyone interested in rebuildable atomizers or even rebuilding clearomizers will eventually have to make a choice on what wire to use. ¬†Wire thickness is referred to by gauge, but there is often little information regarding what gauge to use. ¬†A few tips should help you make the […]

Carto Tank Tips

Along with some of the other information that I posted yesterday regarding avoiding burnt flavor, I thought a revisit of some carto tank specific tips may be in order. ¬†Carto Tank Tips¬†has¬†some helpful info for this time tested way of keeping a days worth of juice close at hand. Priming the cartomizer Testing before tanking […]

Burnt Flavor

One of the most common complaints, especially from those new to the vaping world, is burnt flavor.  Irritating, harsh inhales are most often caused by dry wicks that have not absorbed enough eliquid.  Dealing With Burnt Flavor provides  some tips to help you overcome this problem.

Kanger ProTank Long Term

I reviewed the Kanger ProTank back in May and it has since become part of my starting lineup. ¬†Here are some of things I’ve noticed during the past few months. The ProTank is incredibly easy to use. ¬†It does have to be taken off the battery for filling, but beyond that, simply unscrewing the base […]

Bottom Coil Short Issues (EVOD, ProTank, Viva, etc.)

A Defective Head I filled a brand new Viva BCC Mini today and found that my ZMAX went into short circuit protection when I tried to fire it. ¬†No big deal, I knew it was a simple fix. ¬†I’ve had a few EVOD and ProTank heads act this way, both right out of the box […]