Submit Comments to the FDA NOW!

Now is the time to submit comments to the FDA.  Comments must be submitted by August 8th.  

 Proposed regulations will lump the ecig in with other forms of tobacco, subjecting them to unnecessary regulation that is quite likely to drive all but the biggest manufacturers out of business. Quite simply, the electronic cigarette will probably still be around, but only big tobacco companies will be making them. The juices and devices you have come to love will be gone or relegated to the black market. An overwhelming show of support in the form of comments to the FDA is probably our best bet at the moment.

We urge anyone whose life has been changed by the electronic cigarette to submit their comments this week. The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) has all the details on what you should submit. Please see their call to action and submit your comments now!

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  1. David Carswell says:

    I was a heavy tobacco user for almost 20 years. A few months ago, I switched to “vaping”, and haven’t looked back. I am an extremely well educated adult, and am fully aware that electronic cigarettes are not likely without risks, however it is clear that those risks are certainly vastly fewer and less significant than those of tobacco. As an adult, I feel that it is my right to determine whether to accept those risks.
    The regulations that you seek to impose will either force me back to tobacco, or criminalize my activities, neither of which is consistent with your mission.
    I strongly prefer non-tobacco flavors, including fruit and candy flavors (trying to break the association with tobacco as much as possible).
    I will not purchase electronic cigarette related materials from Big Tobacco. Pricing the “little guys” out of the market will have the same effect as banning it altogether (again, not your mission).
    None of that is to say that you shouldn’t be involved … I would like to see reasonable regulations such as:
    * No sales to minors
    * Advertising restrictions
    * Child-proof caps required on liquid
    * Labeling requirements: %PG, %VG, % or mg/ml of nicotine, and any other ingredients. Penalties for false claims of “all ingredients US sourced”, etc. The standard labeling requirements for tobacco: this is bad for you, etc. Severe penalties when contents don’t match label.

    I do not object to equating “vaping” with smoking tobacco with regards to use in public spaces.

    Don’t create a system where only Big Tobacco can produce these items …
    Don’t restrict flavors sold to adults …
    Your mission is to protect Americans’ health … don’t endanger the health of millions of Americans who are successfully practicing effective harm reduction by “vaping” instead of smoking.