Smok Tech Rocket

Smok Tech has released a new variation on the variable voltage/variable wattage (VV/VW) mod. The Rocket uses a rotating center ring rather than a menu system to adjust the output. There are five settings for output – 3.6V, 4.0V, 4.4V, 4.8V and 6.0V or 6.0W, 8.0W, 10.0W, 12.0W, and 15.0W. These options are somewhat limited, but should meet the needs of most vapers, myself included.

Eliminating the menu system allows the power button to be used for a 5-click on/off switch, which is a feature I welcome. 3 clicks change the settings from voltage to wattage as well. THe top cap is removable to reveal eGo threading and the unit comes with a second top cap for use with eGo toppers. A spring loaded center pin ensures reliable compatability with lots of accessories. The bottom cap covers the removable 18650 battery and is nice and flat to make the device stable when standing. Mesh venting on the sides of the unit rather than the standard vent holes is a great design feature.

Rocket looks like another winner from Smok Tech. It is available from Madvapes for $79.99.

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