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Health Canada Seeing the Light?

A recent article in The Globe and Mail discusses how the Canadian Lung Association appears to be reversing their opinion on electronic cigarettes.   This is good news for Canadians who currently cannot buy ecigs containing nicotine.  According to the article, “The Lung Association used to warn that e-cigarette users were inhaling toxic chemicals. But […]

CNBC: E-Cigarettes: Escaping the Smoke

There’s a good article on CNBC today entitled E-Cigarettes: Escaping the Smoke. Much of it is devoted to an interview with V2 Cigs CEO Andries Verleur, and he is given the opportunity to say that while ecigs are not perfect, they really are a great alternative to smoking. It’s a generally positive article and that’s […]

Electronic Cigarettes Seem To Help… Fox News

In a great positive article on Fox News, Dr. Keith Ablow echos what we’ve all been saying for quite some time, that electronic cigarettes really are effective. It’s good to hear a doctor say that he is recommending electronic cigarettes to his patients who smoke and it’s always great to see a positive article in […]

Try smokeless nicotine cigarettes, says government

Check out this fantastic article in The Guardian. At least one entity within the British government is thinking logically and urging smokers to switch to smokeless cigarettes, including electronic cigarettes! Spread this article around to anyone who will listen!

Safety of the Electronic Cigarette

Another study, this one done in Japan, confirms the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes.  The study was completed with quite a small number of participants and for a relatively short amount of time, but the findings were very positive.  No adverse effects were noted and “the daily consumption of tobacco cigarettes reduced significantly.”  Read […]