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E-cigarettes Study by Public Health England

Public Health England has released a new study on electronic cigarettes and it is perhaps the most truthful and logical analysis so far of the health implications of electronic cigarette use.  The study not only delves into the benefits and lack of risks of electronic cigarette use, but it directly refutes the misleading and often […]

E-cigarettes Could Save Tens of Thousands of Lives Each Year – Tobacco Studies Director

Robert West, PhD, the director of tobacco studies at University College London is yet another leading health figure to endorse electronic cigarettes.  In a WebMD article I mentioned a few days ago, West took issue with the World Health Organization (WHO) after it published a negative report on ecigs that drew a number of erroneous conclusions. […]

“E-Cigarettes Much Safer Than Cigarettes,” says U.K. Tobacco Studies Director

“E-cigarettes are new and we certainly don’t yet have all the answers as to their long-term health impact, but what we do know is that they are much safer than cigarettes, which kill over 6 million people a year worldwide,” according to Ann McNeill, deputy director of the U.K. Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies. […]

‘Cool’ factor separates e-cigarettes from nicotine inhalers

“E-cigarettes have the potential to be important nicotine delivery products because of their high acceptance and perceived benefit,” states Michael Steinberg of the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.   He led a small pilot study which found that electronic cigarettes were nearly twice as effective as nicotine inhalers at helping people quit smoking.  The […]

“Smokers Should Be Encouraged” to use electronic cigarettes – Huffington Post

“I continue to think that there are ample good reasons to treat e-cigs as a class of products that are much less dangerous to health than are cigarettes and that smokers should be encouraged to use them instead of cigarettes as soon as possible.”  That’s not me talking, it’s Lynn T. Kozlowski, Ph.D., the dean of […]

Second Hand Vapor Not That Dangerous – Baltimore Sun

There’s a pretty good article in the Baltimore Sun today regarding second hand vapor.  The piece starts off with the line “People standing near someone using an e-cigarette will be exposed to nicotine, but not to other chemicals found in tobacco cigarette smoke, according to a new study.”  Any media report that actually recognizes the […]

“E-cigarette Healthier Alternative” – SAMJ

The South African medical Journal has recently released a study entitled “Tobacco Cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes.” The study tested carboxyhaemoglobin (COHb) levels in smokers before and after a two week use of Twisp electronic cigarettes. COHb levels werre found to be significantly reduced after only two weeks of use. A decrease in cotinine levels and […]

Fours years of nothing…

I recently read yet another article that quoted a healthcare professional as stating that electronic cigarettes need to be studied before they can be deemed safe.  While I still would like to see the outcome of long term studies, I personally am quite happy with what is known, that they are many, many times safer […]

Cambridgeshire Constabulary Allows Electronic Cigarette Use

Okay, I’ll admit that I have never heard of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary.  It’s the police headquarters in an area of Britain, we’ll leave it at that.  What’s important is that the constabulary has taken a factual approach to electronic cigarettes rather than the all too typical banning of them because they look like cigarettes.  Vapor is […]

FDA Changing Stance?

For too long now, the stance of the FDA and public health groups has largely been negative towards electronic cigarettes.  Anyone who has spent a minimum of time looking into ecigs has found the same old flawed 2009 study regurgitated over and over again.  Some recent statements by Mitch Zeller, the head of the FDA’s […]