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Just updated the eVic!

After only a week with the eVic, I just downloaded a new ROM and flashed it to the device via USB.  Pretty impressive stuff!  The update fixed one of my primary complaints with the device, the fact that it did not function in a true variable power mode.  In version 1.0 of the software, the […]

Kick is in stock at Altsmoke

I reviewed the Kick a little while ago and they’ve been a little hard to find since then. For anyone still looking for one, Altsmoke has them in stock now at a very reasonable $44.95.

V2 eGo 18650 Mod Head

One of the nice features of the eGo 18650 mod is the fact that the head is replaceable. The downside of that mod is the 3.3v regulated power. Joye has approached that problem in a novel way by releasing a new V2 18650 mod head that allows the user to switch between regulated 3.3v power […]

Stripped 5V Wow

I have been enjoying the 5V Wow for several months now and it has performed flawlessly.  The black finish on the tube proved to be a little less durable, however and was chipping after a few weeks.  I was surprised to see brass underneath the paint and decided to sand it all off.  I  think […]

APV – When A Mod Is Not Just A Mod

Many vapers have come to the realization that the term Mod can mean a lot of different things.  A flashlight modified with a switch, battery and atomizer connector is a mod and yet so is a mass produced but custom fabricated electronic cigarette like the Provari.  The time has possibly come for differentiation between the […]

The Smokbox VariCool

After a few days with the Smokbox VariCool from SmokTek, I am finding myself using it more and more. It’s a great box mod that combines the enjoyment of variable voltage with great battery life. Learn more in the review.

Smokbox VariCool from SmokTek

Smoktek has just expanded their line of custom box mods with the Smokbox VariCool Mod. It’s a custom variable voltage mod that incorporates a switching regulator, meaning that it will be a lot more efficient than a linear regulated mod. It should run cooler and get better life out of the two 14500 batteries it […]