Just updated the eVic!

After only a week with the eVic, I just downloaded a new ROM and flashed it to the device via USB.  Pretty impressive stuff!  The update fixed one of my primary complaints with the device, the fact that it did not function in a true variable power mode.  In version 1.0 of the software, the wattage could be set, but did not change when a new atomizer was attached.  Version 1.1 adds a switch in the menu to actually change to variable power mode so that voltage is automatically adjusted to match resistance.

Being able to update the programming is fantastic.  Think of all the devices that have had minor enhancements that make us want to buy the second or third version of a device.  Joyetech just made it possible to avoid some of that pain.

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  1. It is, indeed, a very impressive e cigarette. The one thing that drives me nuts, though, is when people haphazardly identify products as being Joyetech innovations.

    Joyetech has never invented a single e cigarette that they have marketed as their own. The Joye 510 was invented by Janty as a Dura C and an unknown factory by the name of Joyetech was commissioned to manufacturer it. As is often the case in China, Joyetech stole the design and started marketing it as their own.

    Janty was responsible for inventing the eGo, as well. Then, Ovale entered the fray and came up with the eGo-T, eGo-C and eGo Twist. Ovale also invented the the eCab and e-mini, even though there are dozens of websites crediting all of these as Joyetech products that were re-branded by Ovale. Hardly the case; just the opposite, I’m afraid. In fact, both Janty and Ovale have much higher quality standards in place for the e-cigs they have Joyetech making for them.

    Finally, we have the eVic. It was a collaborative effort by both Janty and Ovale with Joyetech commissioned to manufacture it for them. It will be called the MiD by Janty and Ovale will call it by the same name that Joyetech stole – the eVic. Once again, Joyetech beat them to the punch and came out with its own “version” of their e-cigarette, manufacturing their run before completing the ones they have been commissioned to make for Ovale and Janty.

    I laugh when I hear people talk about things being knockoffs of Joyetech products. Everything Joyetech makes is a knockoff of someone else’s products.