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Temperature Control and Why You Want It.

Along with sub-ohm atomizers and high wattage devices, Temperature Control is one of the hottest (pardon the pun) new vaping technologies this year.  But, if controlling the wattage sent to the atomizer is controlling the heat, then why do we need temperature control?  The answer is that temperature control does a much better job of regulating the […]

ZMAX Mini 50% off at Madvapes

I’ve always liked the ZMAX line from Smok and the Mini has been one of my favorite pocket devices.  The battery life of the single 18350 battery is relatively short in comparison with some of the current small box mods, but the mini is still a nice device to hold and use.  Madvapes now has them […]

ProVari 3 Presale!

With weekly and sometimes daily news of new devices on the market, the ProVari has stood the test of time admirably.  From its introduction, it has been the standard of quality and performance that variable voltage electronic cigarettes are measured against. The design is so good that it doesn’t need to be improved very often, […]

Smok Tech Rocket

Smok Tech has released a new variation on the variable voltage/variable wattage (VV/VW) mod. The Rocket uses a rotating center ring rather than a menu system to adjust the output. There are five settings for output – 3.6V, 4.0V, 4.4V, 4.8V and 6.0V or 6.0W, 8.0W, 10.0W, 12.0W, and 15.0W. These options are somewhat limited, […]

Clones, Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

It seems like the electronic cigarette world is especially attractive to knock-off manufacturers.  It’s often easier to find a “clone” than it is to find the actual item. From the earliest ecigs and continues to today’s hottest atomizers, nearly identical copies of the best devices are everywhere.  The good news is that a lot of […]

Wire Gauge and Resistance for Rebuildable Atomizers

Higher Gauge = Thinner Wire = Higher Resistance Anyone interested in rebuildable atomizers or even rebuilding clearomizers will eventually have to make a choice on what wire to use.  Wire thickness is referred to by gauge, but there is often little information regarding what gauge to use.  A few tips should help you make the […]

Safety First!

Building coils seems to be all the rage lately as vapers try to get the best experience possible.  Rebuildable atomizers allow the user to build from scratch what is otherwise hidden from view in the typical electronic cigarette.  The result is that the user can tailor the wick and coil assembly to his or her […]

10% Off Weekend at Madvapes

Madvapes is having another 10% off weekend and is also announcing the new Vortex APV.  The Vortex is an interesting fan forced design that actually blows air through the atomizer for a kind of air assisted vape.  It should be interesting to see how this idea actually works! Use coupon code vortex to get 10% […]

Great Deal on eVic

This is the best deal on a eVic I have seen.  Mike & Carol’s Internet Store has the eVic kit for only $72.97 after using the coupon code “EVIC” .   Shipping is a little high at $6.99, but not unreasonable, and that’s still less than $80 shipped for an eVic kit with battery and […]


The new ZMAX mini is beginning to hit the stores.  I noticed today that Lite Cig USA is carrying the Smok Tech ZMAX Mini packaged with an extension that allows for use with an 18650 battery.  The Mini is a slightly shorter version of the ZMAX thanks to its single 18350 battery design and also incorporates an […]