Why cartomizers?

The question of “why should I use cartomizers” seems to come up often. ┬áTo an electronic cigarette user who has started out using atomizers, the idea of adding a whole lot of e-liquid to a cartomizer and still having to top it off every now and then may seem a little complicated. ┬áAfter a few refills, however, the process of filling a cartomizer is pretty simple. ┬áAnd the latest cartomizers make it easy to simply drip e-liquid into the filling. ┬áThe process is no more difficult than filling a cartridge, and cartridges will often not feed liquid to the atomizer fast enough to provide a good vape. ┬áMany vapers end up discarding the cartridge in favor of dripping directly on the atomizer, which makes the vaping much less convenient. ┬áCartomizers take care of the problem by lasting for several hours before needing a refill. ┬áThe need for a refill is indicated when the flavor starts to drop off. ┬áCartomizers are a great choice, but atomizers still have their place. ┬áSee the article Atomizer vs. Cartomizer for more information.


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