Lavatube long term results

When the Lavatube was released a few months ago one of the main questions on many vapers minds was whether it would be reliable.  Being a relatively inexpensive device, there were some reservations about how it would hold up.   After nearly four months of daily use, I can definitely say it has met the reliability challenge.  Several drops resulted in a loose connector, but that was easily fixed with a dab of superglue.  Besides that, zero defects have become apparent.


  1. Errol Nielsen says:

    I’ve had mine since the day it became available at Volcano and it has been bullet proof on low demand atomizers. Of course it wasn’t built for high demand vaping and hence falls short in that dept just like the Provari does.

    Have you heard anything about a V2 version of the Lavatube at 3.5amp like the V2 Provari?


    • Eric says:

      I haven’t heard of a V2 Lavatube. It would probably be a great addition, although I don’t seem to hit the limit.

    • Don says:

      I see a LavaTube V2 mentioned on the Aussie Vapers Forum (referring to a version of the “Apollo VTUBE” available for preorder from Apollo electronic cigarettes … and it looks fantastic, especially in stainless steel. However, there is no mention (on either the forum or the Apollo site) of 3.5 amps. To the contrary, 2.5 amps limit is specified.

      For whatever reason (device/cartomizer protection I suppose), Chinese manufacturers seem unwilling to open things up to high watts vaping. You see it in their other PVs as well. It’s a shame; China-made is made less expensive than US-made.

      BTW, like Eric and so many others, I also love my LavaTube. However, I’m not getting the satisfying results that Eric reports when using LR and dual coil cartos. Great for my 3 ohm cartomizers though. My endcap keeps falling off, but that is a minor inconvenience in order to have high performance at low cost.

  2. Steve K says:

    I also got one of the first Lavatubes. I use it every day in rotation with my ProVari. The button is slightly less responsive than it was initially, but not to the point of it being even annoying. I’ve also dropped mine many many times, but haven’t had to glue anything back together again. More impressively, the finish is still great. It’s held up pretty darn well.

  3. Demitry says:

    I was excited when I received the lavatube being it my first VV device. After two months of usage I would give it 3 of 5 mark, as it stared giving misfires and the fact that it’s not so friendly with dct tanks. Though it’s ok with vision grandes.

    • Eric says:

      Sorry to hear that it is misfiring. Do you attribute it to a loose button, or does it seem like it’s in the electronics?