Super Shorty 1.7ohm Cartomizer

Sometimes good things do come in small packages.  Madvapes has recently started stocking a “Super Shorty” version of the 1.7ohm single coil cartomizer.  With a tube measuring only 20mm, this cartomizer is a little over half the length of a dual coil shorty and about 2mm shorter than a 510 atomizer.  The super shorty only holds about 15 drops of liquid, so all day vaping is not its forte.  What it does do well is provide a nice low profile addition to a lot of electronic cigarette devices.  It fits inside of an eGo cone and with the addition of a drip tip makes for a great looking setup.  Performance is right on par with other 1.7ohm cartos we’ve tried, meaning these little guys provide excellent throat hit and vapor, even at lower voltages.  If anything, they seem to last a little longer before losing their flavor quality, perhaps because of the smaller amount of filler material.

Super shorty electronic cigarette atomizer

 From left to right are the super shorty, a Joye 510 atomizer, a shorty dual coil and a 1.7ohm XL cartomizer.

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