Help Defeat an Anti-Vapor Politician

The upcoming election in New Mexico pits Conrad James against incumbent New Mexico State House Rep. Elizabeth “Liz” Thomson.  “Why does it matter to me,” you may ask?  Because Liz Thompson has demonstrated that she will not let facts get in the way of introducing bills to tax e-cigarettes, restrict flavors, ban usage, and classify devices and liquids as “tobacco products.”  As chairperson of the Tobacco Settlement Revenue Committee in the state, she has organized “studies” that listen to ecig opponents and ignore actual scientific information.  Gregory Conley’s excellent article on is a great read on the whole story.

It’s time for Liz to go and this is also a good time to make your voice heard.  A state legislature election in New Mexico may not seem like that big of a deal, but this is a hotly contested election that involves a loud voice in the anti-vaping choir.  Who knows what other politicians across the country may decide to change their tune if they see vapers make a difference in the outcome of an election?

The Conrad James campaign can use your help, whether it’s in the form of contributing or volunteering. can also provide information if you can help out in New Mexico as well.  Of course, if you live in New Mexico or know someone who does, please get out the vote!

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