Kayfun Tank Options

I have become a big fan of the Kayfun rebuildable tank atomizer, in my case the Tobeco style clone.  The ease of building and reliability of these things has me hooked.  The only thing I don’t care for is the size and weight.  It’s just a little bulky and heavy for daily pocket use.Kayfun Clear Tank and Nano Kit

To that end, I’ve experimented lately with some customization options, namely a clear “M” tank and a frosted Nano kit.  I bought the clear Kayfun tank from Madvapes for $4.99 and it was a great little investment.  It replaces all three center sections of the stock Kayfun, resulting in completely clear tank sides.  It is plastic, so my assumption is that some more caustic juices will cloud it, but for me the lighter weight and clear tank is a perfect addition to my favorite atty.Kayfun Clear Tank and Nano Kit

The frosted Kayfun Nano kit that I picked up on Ebay is lighter still.  The kit includes shorter frosted replacements for all parts of the stock Kayfun except the base, making for a much lighter and slightly smaller device.  Of course, e-liquid capacity is also reduced by a ml or so.  What I also noticed is a higher likelihood of getting a splash of e-liquid in my mouth when drawing on it.  So in this case, smaller and lighter do come with some trade-offs.  The frosted nano kit is also available from EVCigarettes at $14.99.

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