Japanese Organic Cotton Wicks

Cotton has become my wick material of choice because of how easy it is to work with and its excellent flavor quality.  While there are lots of cotton options available, the absence of chemicals make organic cotton is a great choice.  I recently picked up some 100% Japanese Organic Cotton pads from AtomizerWick.com and they are excellent.Japanese Organic Cotton Pads

$5.75 buys a package of 10 pads, each of which could be good for a couple dozen wicks.  They actually also sell it on ebay with some free coil wire included, so it’s a slightly better deal.  Atomizer wick also has 100% organic USA grown cotton whcih comes loose in bags.

Japanese Organic Cotton Pads


Creating a wick from the cotton pads is simple, but does require a little pulling apart and fluffing (with clean hands!) to get the best results.  And good results they are.  Cotton in general provides a clean clear vape with excellent wicking and wicks made from these pads are the best of the best.

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