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Even after (or during) reading our guides and exploring the links, we know that you will have questions and need clarification on various issues. Perhaps you’ve even checked out our FAQ, but don’t see your question answered there. Ask away! That’s what we’re here for.

Don and Eric are pretty knowledgeable, but we’re not know-it-all’s. If we’re not sure, we’ll point you in the right direction.

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  1. Marc Guecia says:

    I and my wife just started on e-cigs a week ago with the V-2 red. I was wondering what type of cartridge they are. I see all these numbers like 501, 808. How do I know what is compatable with these batteries. we like the v2 but would like to know how and if we can get e-liquid and fill our own. we would like to try different flavors and the shipping of the v2 cartridges from them is very slow. any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

    • Eric says:

      I haven’t actually used the V2, but drawing on the experience of others, anything KR808D-1 should work. Bloog, Smokeless Image or any of the many KR808s that are available will apparently fit. And you can definitely refill any of these. The only issue will be how hard the mouthpiece cap is to remove for filling, but most current cartomizers make it pretty easy. Check out the Favorite Suppliers page for good places to buy e-liquid.

  2. Richard says:

    Yep another newbie question. I have an Ismoke 510 and recently switched up a bit with a 510 t and tank (i like the tank a lot better overall). The problem is I seem to get a very harsh “throat hit”.. a very harsh burning sensation, not all the time, it comes and goes… at time it happens on the first vap other times it is haver i have been vaping for a bit. I had this also with the standard setup, but much more often. I was a heavy smoker, pack +/day so i figured i would start with 18mg. Any thoughts on what this could be about… set up change.. different model, ect.

    Thanks and keep up the great work y’all are doing.

    • Eric says:

      I just had this same question from a coworker yesterday. What you are describing is most likely a dry burn caused by not enough liquid getting to the atomizer coil. In your original 510, the liquid is transferred from the filler material in the cartridge through the wire mesh bridge on the atomizer to the coil. Dry filler or poor contact between the filler and mesh can lead to a dry coil and a harsh inhale. Tank systems are better – if they’re working perfectly. The tube that pierces the tank should transfer the liquid to the coil, but if it doesn’t, you again end up with a dry coil. I believe the 510 T you speak of has a wick coming up through the tube. See if you can pull that out a bit with tweezers and that may help. In any case, avoid using the device if you are continuously getting a harsh hit. Once the wick is burnt, that flavor is hard to get rid of.

  3. barbara says:

    I bought several bottles of e-liquid last June, and opened a lot of them….and half used them….then I switched to pre-filled cartos. Now I’m switching back to e-liquids since I bought a new system (an EGO-T), but my e-liquids taste “off” or at least, funny….so I’m in the process of ordering new bottles, but this leads me to ask–how long do they last? I’ve kept them in a box on my bookshelf….do they deteriorate over time (e.g., 10 months or so?)


    • Don says:

      I think it is more likely the eGo-T tanks, which are imparting that “off” taste. Eric and I (and several others) don’t like those types of tanks. [NOTE: I am not referring to the large cartomizer-surrounding tanks. They are wonderful for constantly feeding juice to the carto, although they are best suited for mods – on an eGo batt, they would be top-heavy.]

      Properly stored (e.g., cool room temperature or refrigerated but not frozen), e-liquid should last many months.

      I recommend that you use good cartomizers (e.g., Boge or Smok Tech) on your eGo-T batteries … or atomizers without cartridges, if you are willing to drip.

  4. jordan says:

    I just received my e cig kit in the mail. i have made a huge mistake & purchased the wrong cig. i have not used or opened anything in the kit . How do I go about getting a refund?

    • Eric says:

      It really depends on who you purchased it from. Some vendors will be more than happy to work with you on getting you started off right, some will only return items if they are defective. Your first step should be to contact the place you bought it from either through email or by phone if possible.

  5. Michelle says:

    I am looking for a bulk supplier of eGo-T/C type A tank cartridges. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help and thanks for all the great information, you helped me choose the perfect e-cig!

    • Don says:

      It depends what you mean by “bulk.” Not being a supplier, Eric and I are unfamiliar with wholesale distributors. But, for the end user, some of the suppliers mentioned on our site offer discount codes or “reward points” for purchases, which would provide a similar benefit. And I notice that MadVapes seems to have a pretty low price on eGo-T tank cartridges.

  6. Just wondering if you know of a good drip tip that would fit on my 808 smoketip cartridges. I just bought an adapter from mad vapes so i can now use all of my smoketip cartridges on my 5volt box mod. The adapter fits perfect and with the 808 cartridges you get amazing taste,vaor,and throat hit,works better than any cartomizer i own.
    I just need a nice drip tip to add to the 808 to make the vaping pleasure even greater than it is..and to add to the appearence.
    If you had any recomendations i would love to here.
    Smoke free for 4 months…love love vaping, bye far better than analog,and ive been a marlboro smoker for over 26 years.
    Mike j

    • Don says:

      I’m not directly familiar with the Smoketip, but, in general, drip tips for the 510 also fit the KR808D-1 and often are marked as such.

  7. Paul says:

    I’ve got a leaky ego-t type b. Can someone please suggest a good way to modify this mess so I don’t have to chuck the whole thing. How about I use the batteries with different attys and carts or cartos. Can you recommend some.
    Thanks Paul

    • Don says:

      Welcome to the “I don’t like tank atomizers/cartridges” club! [Eric and I are charter members.]

      We strongly prefer cartomizers, e.g., Boge (2.0 ohm) and Smok Tech (1.5 ohm dual coil or 1.7 ohm single coil). SmokTek is among the suppliers, which carry all three.

  8. Matt Mench says:

    or could the soreness be because I the 80/20 PG/VG juice I got was 12 mg of nic rather than the 6 mg I have been using normally?….I got the higher nic for when I go out drinking because of the stronger throat hit.

    • Eric says:

      I have never heard of higher NIC causing that problem. If anything, lower NIC can result in too much vaping simply because you are vaping more often to get the same amount of NIC.

  9. Matt Mench says:

    My first entry into the e cig world was a premium pen style e cig. At that point I didn’t know about e juice and just bought the cartriges from my premium supplier. I recently found out about modding and have been absolutely loving it. One possible issue I have come to have (not to say that there cant be a work around) is that my mouth gets really dry and my throat and my mouth are very sore. I have been using a couple 50/50 PG/VG juices and also more recently 80/20 PG/VG juices. I have noticed more recently that my throat and mouth have been really sore. My question, is that related to the higher PG content juice I have been using or is that related to the fact that I have just been excited with my new toy and over vaping? Or could it be a combo of the two?

    • Eric says:

      That sounds like a combo of the two. Too much PG and not enough liquids (the kind you drink) can add up to a dry mouth and sores can follow. In rare cases there can even be an allergic reaction to PG. Try increasing the VG content to see what happens. Madvapes has a very inexpensive line of e-liquids that are 100% VG in some cases, so that would be a cheap way to give it a try. But in any case, make sure you drink plenty while vaping.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I have some caro’s that fit on the post of a 510 connector (male) do you know what size adapter that would be? I know it is not a 901/808D if that is any help. Hope u can help thanks!

    • Eric says:

      That is most likely an M401 series. The female thread on an M401 atomizer are exactly the same as the female threads on a 510 battery.

  11. JenLaReine says:


    I just received my starter kit and have been vaping for only 3 days, which means 3 days smoke free! I got my kit is from via Groupon. My question is: Can you tell me which model of e-cig this is? Their website is woefully deficient. I would like to replenish from one of your recommended vendors and have no idea what to order to go with the batt that came in my kit.

    Thanks for any info you can provide, and thank you ever so much for your fabulous website.

    • Don says:

      I’m not sure, Jen. I see on their website that the cartomizers are male. It may be either the 510 style or RN4081. In either case, I recommend that you switch to either a 510-based fat batt (e.g., eGo or Riva from Liberty-Flights) or KR808D-1 (especially the Elite 808 from CigEasy or smaller VOLT from Smokeless Image).

      Using Liberty-Flights’ Riva-510 as an example, $30-$34 will get you a kit that can be used with any of the wide range of 510 cartomizers available, perhaps even those you already have. And try out the Boge LR and/or Smok Tech Dual Coil cartomizers.

  12. Chris says:

    Steeping e-liquids, please teach me the way!

    • Eric says:

      There are a number of schools of thought on steeping e-liquids and a lot depends on the type of liquid you are using. Many liquids seem to mix more thoroughly and take on a better flavor after they sit for awhile. Although I rarely feel the need to let e-liquids steep for an extended period of time, allowing a new bottle to just sit with the cap on for a week or so can’t do any harm. So people like to open their bottles for steeping, but I personally feel that air is one of nicotine’s biggest enemies.

  13. Chris says:

    I have a bunch of the V2 Cigs chargers and batteries but i have found locally Fuma brand and like there cartridges better. Is there a way to adapt the V2 Cigs so the can screw into the Fuma cartridges?

    • Don says:

      Afraid we can’t help you, Chris. Neither the V2 or Fuma are brands we recommend. Frankly, I suggest that you start from scratch with either a 510-compatible (e.g., eGo or Riva) or KR808D-1 (e.g., VOLT or Elite 808).

  14. Dana says:

    Hi, I am about 2.5 months into vaping. That being said, forgive me if I sound like an idiot. I love it so far but sometimes (not all the time) I get that “I just smoked waaaayyyyyy too much” feeling in my chest and throat. Am I just vaping to frequently? Am I using the too high or too low of a nicotine level? Is it the difference between the pg or vg (i’m using a 50/50)? Battery? Cartomizer? Flavor? Help!! I am using an eGo-T 1100, dual coil cartomizer, 24 mg nicotine in vanilla at the moment. Perhaps I didn’t realize that I really could be overdoing it? I seem to be the only one out of the 3 people I know that vape to be having this issue. Let me know if I should be changing something or perhaps try chewing some gum and give my e-cig a break!


    • Eric says:

      Dana, It really depends on how much you are vaping and how much you smoked. 24mg can be a little high if you are vaping quite often and I would recommend lowering it a bit, at least when you are vaping quite often. Try reducing to 18mg to see if you are satisfied with that and go from there. I typically vape around 10mg, but reduce it to 6mg or even 0mg when I am vaping a lot. You may also want to give some different mixes a try. I sometimes feel a little funny when using 50/50 mixes as opposed to a higher ratio of PG.

  15. John says:

    hey, ugh, always wanted to ask if there would be the 3rd edition of “wonderful world of vaping”? it’s getting a bit outdated, you know!

    • Don says:

      I know it is desparately needed, John. But I no longer have the time available for the massive work required. Instead, Eric (especially) and I write shorter articles and reviews, which update the basic information contained in that guide.

  16. Ryan says:

    Do you have to be 18 to purchase an ecig in north carolina?

  17. Jay says:

    I recently ordered a kr808d-1 Riva kit , but I have loads of Greensmoke cartomizers that I would like to use with it if I can. Do you know of any adapters that will work? Maybe the D1>D2 adapter from lecig?

  18. Amy says:

    Hi- I am a social smoker, which I might smoke 1 cigarette a week or month. I am interested in purchasing E-cig but don’t know how well that will work if I am not using daily. Does the juice and atomizer stay good for weeks if not used?


    • Don says:

      For weeks, yes. For years or many months, not so much. Keep the atomizers moist with a couple drops of e-liquid and keep the bottles of e-liquid cool.

  19. Paul says:

    I just received a new ego-t type B and it doesn,t seem to be wicking at all. Should I send it back or is there a easy fix? I think it’s just burning primer judging by the taste and weak volume. Help please.

  20. Tim says:

    I am not a smoker. Been chewing and dippin for 34 years. Spilled spit cup on wifes new rug, well the cat did (damn cats, a dawg would have cleaned it up for me). Now have hole in roof where wife exited house. I have the prosmoke starter system but find I need more battery life and am blowing through the small carts. Could you please recommend a setup that I can purchase, and do you all want any cats?


    • Don says:

      Tim, I recommend any of three e-cig models for a new vaper:

      – For the smallest, easiest-to-use e-cig, get the $45 VOLT (a KR808D-1) from Smokeless Image. [NOTE: At the moment the kit shown in that link is out of stock. The $20 kit plus an extra $13 battery and $9 five-pack of cartomizers would amount to the same thing (but without the USB wall adapter).]

      – For increased battery life and flexibility (and low cost) in a slightly wider package, get the $36-37 Riva-510 (either of the “Carto Deluxe” kits) from Liberty-Flights.

      – For something in between those two in width and in battery life, get my favorite: the $50 Elite 808 from CigEasy.

      I still use all of those models with great satisfaction. And be sure to purchase some e-liquid to fill or refill the cartomizers.

      As for your offer of cartridges: Thanks … but no thanks. Been there; done that. πŸ˜‰

      • Tim says:


        Thanks for your reply and time. I ordered the Elite 808 on Friday night at 23:46 and had it Monday at 16:00. That would be from the west coast to the east coast in 40 hours. I can see why the Elite 808 is your favorite. This thing works great and I am a happy man.

        Like my Dad always said dont be afraid to ask questions son, just make sure you ask someone who knows. You, my friend… Know Your Shit!!!!!!! You just shot to the top of my Christmas card list. Thanks for your advise and have a good day.


  21. LChan says:

    Are there any e-cigs that work with old-school sexy ladies cigarette holders? I want to try using one, but I’m worried the e-cig will be too heavy or will slip out too easily.

    • Don says:

      I don’t think an actual cigarette holder would work.

      I had one specially made for me (by ~Zen of ECF and Vapers Forum) to use in this year’s VaperCon Halloween costume contest. Functionally, it is one very long drip tip.

      DonDaBoomVape and long e-cig holder

      But, for an off-the-shelf solution, the $20 Gooseneck from Totally Twisted Texas might do the trick.


  22. KC Kelly says:

    Is there a phone number I can call if I have questions that aren’t answered in the FAQs?

  23. James Lehner says:

    I am interested in selling e-cigarettes in the US but also in European Countries. I would like to know if there is a good guide or books for learning this business . Also if there are trade shows/conferences or expo on the electronic cigarettes Industry? Thanks

    • Don says:

      I don’t know of any books on the business end of e-cigarettes. We believe that Vaping Guides is a great way to learn about the world of e-cigs and I suggest that you immerse yourself in the information presented here as well as on ECF (e-Cigarette-Forum) before starting to sell them.

      There are vaping conventions (two or three national ones each year plus many local ones). They are geared to the consumers, but sponsored and participated in by the suppliers (who show and sell their wares at the events). Thus far, the National Vapers Club has put together most of the national conventions, but the most recent (VaperCon 2011) was organized by an ad hoc committee of some of the leading figures in vaping.

  24. Michael says:

    6 volt vaping

    must you use high res attys and cartos for 6 volts or can you use standard? at what voltage must you step up the resistance from standard to high?

    • Don says:

      “Must”? Well, the vaping police are not going to arrest you if you don’t. πŸ˜€ But you may very well blow out a standard resistance atomizer at 6V … and the vape would be too intense for most of us.

      There is no hard and fast rule for resistance/voltage matching. This article discusses the power and current parameters to consider and provides some rule-of-thumb guidelines.

  25. George Boles says:

    What is the best prefilled cartomizer that will work with 510 mega battery?

    • Don says:

      George, there are very few prefilled 510-compatible cartomizers. NHaler does carry prefilled 510 cartos, but they are all 24mg strength (too strong for me, but they might suit you).

      Most prefilled cartos are 808-compatible. I think that the Smokeless Image VOLT are among the best (and least expensive) and Vapor4Life’s Wow cartos also are quite popular. Such 808 cartomizers can be used on a 510 battery with an inexpensive 510-to-808/901 adapter (e.g., $1.50 from Good Prophets).

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