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  1. Tony says:

    Do 306 attys fit 510 batterys and i just got a sparki sp3 from sparkplug for and it has a 801 batt so i purchased an 801 to 510 adapter from mad vapes. it doesnt fit, any ideas? also why does this atty that came with it tastes n work so much better than my 510 atty that came with my ego…..thank you also what ohm attys n carts should i be buying for a 3.7 volt and what for a 5v pass through…thanks again

    • Don says:

      306 atomizers have threading identical to the 510 and, therefore, fit all 510 batteries (and mods with 510 fittings). As you may know, use of a drip tip is not really optional with the 306, because it has an exposed atomizer. [Often, 306 attys are sold bundled with a drip tip.]

      I don’t know why that adapter doesn’t fit. πŸ™ You could try one from Good Prophets ($1.50) … or from a supplier I will be point you to shortly. Worst case: Why do you and I have to care? Just use our favorite atty or carto – the 801 – on it! πŸ™‚

      IMO (and, I guess, yours), the 801 has always tasted better (deeper, richer) than the 510. So why is it not more popular? I have speculated that it is the large size of the atomizer and the 155mm length of the assembled penstyle (i.e., with the skinny 801 battery, which is the same size as the standard KR808D-1). Prior to the rise of the fat batts (e.g., eGo), new vapers’ primary choices were the penstyle (e.g., DSE801) or the mini (401, 901, KR808D-1, or 510). [There was also the super-mini category, but, until this past year, they weren’t very good.] The 112mm 510 is just so much smaller than the penstyle – much closer to an analog cigarette than the penstyle – and it does produce more vapor. Thus the dominance of the 510 atomizer.

      And the fat batts followed suit. After almost two years, there is still no 801-compatible fat batt. πŸ™ And your SparkPlug (all versions) is one of the very few 801-compatible mods. Although the SparkPlug design (e.g., butt-switched and squat) has never appealed to me personally, I envy your ability to use it with 801s without an adapter. [I may have more 510-to-801 adapters in the house than 801 attys/cartos. ;-)]

      If memory serves, the SparkPlug comes with the BE112 atomizer (an 801-type from BestEcig). My own favorite penstyle atty (and carto) is the EastMall DSE801 (sold in the US by Vapor Junction, both atomizers and cartomizers, regular and LR). The Joye302 also is excellent, but it doesn’t hit as hard.

      Do not use LR attys or cartos on your 5V passthrough. 3 to 4 ohms will produce a very satisfying vape (with safely low amps current). [As for where in that range: assuming the same voltage: the lower the ohms, the more intense the vaping experience.] A normal resistance 801 (e.g., that Joye302) is wonderful on 5V.

      On your 3.7V SparkPlug, semi-LR attys and cartos might give you the best vape: around 2.0 or so, e.g., standard 510 or 306, Boge 2.0 carto, Smok Tech Mega Dual Coil carto (which is not really 1.5 ohms), and, perhaps, EastMall regular 801 (which is lower resistance than most 801s) atty or carto. On your 3.2V eGo, you’ll probably want full LR, e.g., EastMall’s LR 801 atty or carto, Smok Tech 1.7 ohm Mega Single Coil carto, or Cisco LR (1.5 or 1.8 ohm) 306 atty. [NOTE: Resistances lower than ~2.0 ohms on 3.7V or ~1.7 ohms on 3.2V can strain (and shorten the life of) your attys/cartos … and your eGo battery.]

      Enjoy the adventure!

    • Michael says:

      306 and 510 are the same threads just different styles of attys. I’m not sure why it doesn’t fit in your adapter unless the threads are messed up. I use low resistance with my 3.7v bullet with 5v you must use standard resistance. All attys are different, i have many 510 attys from many different places and none of them perform the same. I know 510s take a little use to brake them in. I’m strictly a 510 users and have little experience with 801 and 901 style attys and cartos.

    • Ben Grant says:

      I too have a Sparki SP3 I bought as a backup. I also got a 510 to 801 adapter from MadVapes. It didn’t work initially, but after playing with it a bit I was able to get it working. Try screwing the adapter onto the connection cap BEFORE screwing the cap into the battery housing, THEN screwing your 510 atomizer into the adapter. The center pin of the adapter seems to be ‘floating’ a little so you may have to play with how loose or how tight you have to make it in order to get a good connection with the little brass plunger that completes the circuit with the + terminal of the battery. Also make sure the battery connections are clean and DRY on the – terminal end down by the switch. Once I finally got my HH.357 to fire, it was definitely worth the initial dance of trial and error. I now don’t have to worry about this LR atty damaging my eGo batteries. This little sparkplug is rocking! Good luck!

  2. Linda says:

    Love the opportunity to ask a question here. I received a box of Elite 808 clearomizers a couple of day ago and I REALLY like them. It’s time now to clean them to try some different juices. What is the best way to clean them and reuse them. Thanks in advance.

    • Don says:

      I can’t speak from personal experience, Linda, since I much prefer the regular Elite cartomizers.

      I would just rinse them out with warm water … then set them upside down to dry. And remember that cartomizers and tanks are considered disposable e-cig components. Don’t expect them to perform/taste that good after doing this a couple times.

      Elite clearomizers

  3. michael says:

    I have a bloog maxxfusion 78mm cig. I hate the cartomizer and would like to use my juice. What do i need . I want to use a separate atomizer and tank. Thanks

    • Don says:

      If you really want a separate atomizer and tank, Michael, all I can think of is to use any of the 510-compatible tank cartridges and tank atomizers (e.g., 510-T) with an 808/901-to-510 adapter. You can get all of these from Good Prophets. [FYI: I don’t like tanks myself.]

      However, have you tried to fill blank Maxx Fusion (or less expensive, but equally good VOLT) cartomizers filled with your own juice? These really are excellent KR808D-1 cartos and are worth checking out.

      My favorite 808 cartomizer is CigEasy’s Elite 808. It is slightly wider than the standard 808 battery, but doesn’t look too bad. At 2-ml, it is twice the capacity of regular 808 cartos … and four times the capacity of those teeny, tiny 510-T tanks. Most important, the vapor and throat hit are extraordinary! Shown here is the Elite carto on Elite battery above the standard 808 carto and batt.

      Elite next to regular 808

      [BTW, CigEasy also offers clear tank cartomizers for the Elite. [See the photo in my reply to the question immediately above.] I don’t like them as much as the Elite cartos, but they have received very positive reviews.

  4. Sunny says:

    I left a reply with questions, but it was deleted. May I ask why? I had several questions that I did not find the answers to on your site, but I am confident that ya’ll would now enough to give me some unbiased answers to. Why are you removing my questions moderator? I got the impression ya’ll were friendly and liked to help new vaperers, but this is the second time I have been deleted. Please send me an email or something to explain. I will keep moderator busy because I will not give up trying to get some answers to my questions, so if my post keeps getting deleted, I will just keep posting till I hear something back.

    • Don says:

      Patience, Sunny! πŸ˜‰ Your post of questions was never deleted; just automatically placed in a temporary holding area. Look below and you will see your original post and my reply.

      FYI: No comments appear on the site until Eric or I review them. We (and I guess most blogs) receive an incredible amount of spam “comments” and, occasionally, off-color ones. Yours, of course, was not one of those, but we needed to check and confirm that first. [I did take the liberty of deleting your first complaining follow-up, figuring that this one would express your dissatisfaction equally well … if not more so.]

      I do apologize for the couple-day delay. Hope you will feel that it was worth the wait.

  5. Sunny Pearson says:

    Hello Don and Eric! I think I have read everything on your site, lots of great info! I have been vaping for 2 weeks and I wish I would have found your site before I ordered my first kit, but it will be okay! I have V2’s expensive travelers kit with their kr8 standard manual bats and cartomizers. They are listed as 250 ma/h and 4.2 volts and I did not find on their site how many ohms their cartomizers are but in their forums someone posted that V2 carts are designed at 2.6 to 2.8 ohm. Their xl bats are listed as 380ma/h & 4.2 volts. I previously smoked about a pack and a half of analogs a day.
    My problem is that 1.) I am having to recharge my 2 bats 8-10 x a day, and 2.) I am constantly having to pop off the top of the carts and refill with ejuice because they dont last me very long, and 3.) It seems like they just dont hit that “sweet spot.” I was going to order a couple of V2’s XL bats but I would really apreciate your advice.
    I would like to end up with the best performing ecigs that look similar to analogs for vaping in public, AND the best performing yet slimest fat bats for around the house.
    I would also like to have the best/biggest cartomizers(or tanks or something) for each type so that I am not having to refill so often!
    Thank ya’ll sooo much for your time with me! =)

    • Don says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Sunny! Glad our site has been helpful to you.

      Although the frequency of refilling doesn’t surprise me all that much, I am shocked to hear how often you have to recharge your 380 mAh batteries. [I know of the V2, but have no firsthand knowledge of the product or the supplier. From what I see on their website, seems kind of pricey for a basic KR808D-1.] Two fully charged 380 mAh batteries (i.e., 760 mAh total) would last most vapers pretty much all day … and I can’t believe you vape four to five times that much.

      My personal favorite PV now (of all types) is CigEasy’s Elite 808, which I recently reviewed. It is a Kr8-compatible with a 380 mAh battery and 2 ml capacity cartomizer … and slightly wider than a typical Kr8 model. One of the very best (and moderately-priced) regular-sized Kr8s is the Smokeless Image VOLT.

      The highest mAh and largest juice capacity Kr8-compatible is the 1300 mAh Echo (which I also reviewed). It, of course is much longer and wider than either the standard Kr8 or the Elite.

      And then there is the huge world of 510-compatibles (e.g., eGo): much too vast a topic to get into here.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Peter says:

    I have just read your review on the eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer.
    This item seemes to hold features that I am looking for πŸ™‚
    I am using a Riva510, and have been a dedicated vapor for appr. 4 months now. In that period I have tried a lot of cartomisers and atomisers and the (without any doubt) best in the range is the 2 ohm Boge cartomiser. The only problem with that is that I have to refill theese cartos all the time, which means that I have had to decorate a small lab in my livingroom – and I can tell you that some part of this family does not think that this is a pretty sight πŸ˜‰
    So – I am looking for a cartomiser that will hold juice for the hole day, som that I can put my lab away in a cabinet, where it is not annoying for the family.

    But, as I mencioned, I am using Riva510 batts (650 amh and 900 amh), and it worries me a little that you write that the eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer gives some challenges with the connection on theese batts. I ca see that you have describes a little about what one should do to make the connection work, but here my lack of knowledge in the English language becomes very problematic – becuase I don’t quite understand what it precisely is that one should do with the center parts of the eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer to make it work on the Riva510 batts.

    So my question to you is if you could point out (cut in woood and bend in neon :)) to a blockhead like me what is that I should do if I get theese connection problems.

    Thanks in advance, and have a nice day.

    Regards Peter

    • Don says:

      First (and perhaps foremost): I am so sorry for the extreme delay in answering your question! [Probably a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was not doing. :oops:]

      It seems that your read Eric’s review where he describes the problem he had with these Smok Tech eGo mega dual coils on the Riva battery. Two possible solutions I can think of:

      1. Do what Eric did and pull out the center pin of the cartomizer a little to make the connection.

      2. Purchase a 510-to-510 extension, e.g., from VapingZone. It will add an inch to the total length of the e-cig and make it look clunky.

      Or, instead of that “eGo” dual coil, purchase the 3.5 ml capacity Smok Tech XXXL Dual Coil (shown below), e.g., from Hoosier E Cig Supply.

      Smok Tech XXXL dual coil cartomizer

      In general, you will find that mixing and matching PV components entails some trial and error and fiddling. A lot of this is not “plug and play.”

      Good luck!

  7. Karen says:

    I have a Halo G 6. My questions are this what is the battery type and what carts will fit?
    Thank you I am new to the world of vaping and would love to learn more any good site to look at? Analog free for 2 months and enjoying life!!!!!!

    • Don says:

      Congratulations on remaining analog-free, Karen! [Of course, it’s easy to do with vaping, isn’t it. :D]

      Halo’s G6 is the KR808D-1 model (which I abbreviate as Kr8). Leading suppliers of Kr8 cartomizers include Vapor4Life, NHaler, CigEasy, Bloog (Maxx Fusion), and Smokeless Image (VOLT). IMO, the best are the virtually identical G6, Maxx Fusion, and VOLT … and VOLT is the least expensive.

      However, my favorite Kr8-compatible carto is the Elite 808 from CigEasy. It is longer and slightly wider than the typical Kr8 carto, but has almost twice the juice capacity and works (and looks) just fine on G6 batteries. [No adapter needed.] The VTF (vapor, throat hit, and flavor) are outstanding.,

      NOTE: All of those suppliers happen to be Vaping Guides supporters (but that is not why I mention/recommend them). You can just click on any of their banner ads on the side of each page to access.

      • Karen says:

        Thank you so much for the information.
        Yes it is very easy to stay off cig when I can vape !!!!
        As a newbie it is very over whelming with the amount of different E-cigs out there. Not to mention the different E juice, PG vs VG or a combo PG/VG.
        The only things I have heard are PEG in not consider “safe” by a lot of people. And not sure if I would order juice from China considering their track record with everything else lately.
        This has been the best site I have found so far for direct information, not to mention I can ask a question and get a response not tainted by a “company brand answer”
        Thank you again and hope you don’t mind questions from a newbie once and awhile.

        • Don says:

          Thank you, Karen, for your kind words! If that is the way you feel, we have fulfilled our mission.

          In fairness to you, we want to make sure you know that there are other good vaping websites where you can “get a response not tainted by a company brand answer.” Chief among them is ECF. We think Vaping Guides is a great place to start, but to explore a particular topic in greater depth and to interact with others, that vast forum is a wonderful (albeit potentially overwhelming) resource.

          And, indeed, please feel free to continue asking questions here on VG (i.e., Vaping Guides, not vegetable glycerin ;-))!

          • Karen says:

            Morning Don,
            Just wanted to say thanks I went with your advice and ordered the Volt carts…..and they are awesome. Money little snug so will have to wait on the Elite. Thank you!!!

  8. Wayne Loflin says:

    I am new to this e-cig but have found it very enjoyable. I first purchased e-cig kit at a local tobacco shop and I blew out the atomizers quickly. I now have the Green smoke kit and have found that the KR808D-2 cartomizer works with the Green Smoke battery. I have searched your recommended suppliers and have not found parts, batteries or cartomizers that seem to be compatable. I last ordered from China and received my order in 5 days with express shipping. I would love to find a reasonable supplier in the US to do my business with. Can you enlighten me on what will fit and and who some of the suppliers may be? I may have needed to research better before I purchased. I also have e-liquid that I purchased from the same supplier E-Cig Products. Are you familiar with this company? Thanks for your help. Wayne

    • Don says:

      I am not familiar with “E-Cig Products” and I can find nothing on the web by that name. Do you mean I have heard of that, but have never ordered from them. I’ve always been put off by the very high shipping costs entailed with China-based suppliers. CyberWolf has ordered from Heaven Gifts several times and, since he is a neighbor, I’ve sometimes piggy backed on his orders. Otherwise, I stick with U.S.-based suppliers.

      LeCig is the leading U.S. supplier of the KR808D-2 (and also carries KR808D-1).

      Of greater significance to me is that LeCig also carries adapters to use the wide range of KR808D-1 cartomizers on your D-2 batteries. If you do go in that direction, my two favorite D-1 compatible cartomizers are the Smokeless Image VOLT and the CigEasy Elite 808.

      Enjoy the adventure!

      • rob says:

        I’ve wouldn’t buy from again. Over two orders only half of the carts worked and flavours were inconsistant. I’m just starting, but i hope i can find a better supplier than

        • Don says:

          Thanks for that feedback on, Rob! It is useful information – for us and for our readers.

          Just to clarify: You and Wayne have not been talking about (one of Vaping Guides’ respected supporting suppliers).

    • Wayne Loflin says:

      Thanks for the information. That is correct on the supplier I was talking about it is I will make my next order from LeCig. Perhaps I can get some adapters so as to not waste my batteries. Thanks again, Wayne

  9. Sherri says:

    I just ordered my 2’nd kit KR808D-1 from cig easy after the Apollo extreme which I wasn’t happy with their tobacco flavor and I read that there are no compatible carts other than their brand, is this correct? My other question is is the KR808D-1 compatible with the Smokeless Image Volt carto’s? and would the KR808D-1 charger charge the volt battery or would I be better buying a whole new kit if I want the Volt battery?

    • Don says:

      I am not familiar with the Apollo. Their website’s mention of a 280 mAh battery, suggests that it may be a KR808D-1 model (like the CigEasy). Have you tried using your CigEasy cartos on an Apollo battery. If they don’t work, the Apollo may be a KR808D-2 model ((carried by LeCig) … but I wouldn’t count on it.

      VOLT cartomizers are fully compatible with CigEasy’s KR808D-1 batteries (and with any other Kr8 battery). They are designed for and especially effective on their own 3.6V VOLT batteries, but I’ve never had a problem using them on other brands of batts.

      If you are also interested in the VOLT batteries, then indeed a VOLT starter kit would make sense. It is not necessary, however, since those batts can be charged in CigEasy’s charger. But it can be handy to have more than one charger, to eliminate bottleneck.

  10. Barbara Lampka says:

    Hi, my name is Barb. I just received my 510 Ego Kit with carrying case, item # 2704. Is there any directions how to use this to print out. I am new to these E Cigs. Please help. Thankyou very much. Barb (

    • Don says:

      This page (and continued on the following two pages) of my Wonderful World of Vaping guide talks you through how to use any e-cig (including the eGo).

      Similar information can be found on this page of ECF’s Beginner Tutorial (but they don’t include the photos and video tutorials contained in my guide :D).

      Don’t hesitate to post here any follow-up questions you may have. [Any problems you encounter with the specific hardware you received are best addressed by your supplier.]

  11. JOE says:

    -do you know any places to get the UGO PT battery? has them, but they do not ship to my country. I guess these are pretty new because i haven’t seen them anywhere else yet. They have a riva style button with 5 LEDs on bottom to indicate charge left in battery. I wish it had an on/off feature, then it’d be perfect.

    -do you know where to get the MAD MAX style batteries in stainless?

  12. poppy2010 says:

    lile the fifty one trios but batteries are expensive can other batteries fit or what about adapers I do puff alot what is best kit

    • Eric says:

      My understanding is that the Smoke 51 is the same as a KR808D-2 or E9, also branded as Greensmoke, etc. Vaporkings has KR808D-2 cartomizers and batteries, but I am not aware of any adapters. Please pay careful attention to the “D-2” in the number above. KR808D-1 accessories are not compatible with your model.

      I have not tried this model other than a quick and unsatisfying puff at the mall, but based on reviews, I’d say there are better options for you. If it’s a cigarette sized device you are looking for, Bloog and Volt would be good choices. If you don’t mind something a little larger, look into an eGo or Riva.

  13. Linda says:

    I am very new to e cigarettes and have read most of this wonderful site but am still confused! I am not sure where to start and what to order. I think I need to order a starter kit ( I am interested in the 510 starter kit) but not 100% sure if this is what I need. I don’t want a charger that plugs into my pc but would rather have a wall outlet charger. Do I order E Juice with my initial starter kit? I currently smoke menthol cigarettes – about a pack a day. I am hoping the e cigarette will replace the ‘real’ cigarette. I would appreciate any guidance you can send my way! Thanks so much!!

    • Eric says:

      You’ve come to the right place, Linda. A starter kit is definitely the right place to start – you will get everything you need to get started plus some instructions on how to use it. The 510 starter kit is a good choice. It’s about the size of a king cigarette and the 510 fitting is interchangeable with a lot of other accessories. A KR808D-1 kit like the Bloog and Smokeless Image Volt is another good option and will typically come with cartomizers which make getting started really easy. If you don’t mind a little larger battery (about the size of a small cigar), the eGo or Riva are great choices that will give you a lot more battery life between charges.

      Almost all kits come with a wall adapter for the charger, but read the list of components for each kit you are interested in to make sure.

      You should definitely order some juice when you order your kit. The cartridges or cartomizers that come with the kit may get you through a few days, but keep in mind that you will need to wait on the mail to get more. You may have read some advertisements that liken each cartridge to a pack of cigarettes. With the exception of some of the mega sized cartridges, this is simply not true. You should figure on going through about 2-3ml per day, so a 15ml bottle of juice may only last a week. It’s still way cheaper than cigarettes, but keep in mind that you can’t just stop at the gas station for more.

      I hope this helps and best of luck on making the switch!

      • Linda says:

        Eric, Thanks for all the super great info you gave me. I took your advice and looked into the Riva and the Ego. I ended up getting a Riva from VaporFLow and I love it! The battery life is great. Although the instructions say it is an Ego, I am guessing they are about the same thing. I am interested in getting an Ego Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer that I saw from MadVapes. It holds 5 mls of liquid, that is amazing to a newbie like me :-)) Anyway, my question is will this cartomizerr fit my Riva? Thanks again for all of your help.


        • Eric says:

          Linda, I’m glad to hear you are enjoying your new Riva! Yes, Riva’s are compatible with all of the eGo atomizers, cartomizers and accessories. The Riva was one of the first “knock-off” eGo style models, but has proven itself over time to be right on par with the eGo.

          The Mega Dual Coil cartomizer works great on the Riva, although I prefer the regular Dual Coils that Madvapes sells as well. The steel version of the regular Dual Coil fits the Riva cone perfectly, but please note that the black is a little tight and the clear one doesn’t fit at all.

  14. mary o vigil says:

    my daughter and i ordered 2 510 mod kits my on and off buttons do not work my box stays hot all the time my daughter’s burns her mouth every times she takes a puff we ordered them 8-5 11

    • Don says:

      Sorry to hear about your frustration, Mary. πŸ™ Unfortunately, I don’t know to which of the scores of 510 mods you are referring, so it is difficult to advise you. Apparently a box mod and I’m guessing that it’s one of the cheap plastic ones.

      If these are high voltage (e.g., 5V or 6V), then maybe you should use HV (i.e., higher resistance) atomizers or cartomizers. Otherwise, contact your supplier to ask for assistance or refund.

  15. Steve says:

    Hey Don,I think you forgot about us over at πŸ™ Well we had a good time dealing with you and I hope it was the same for you πŸ™‚ Take care and have great week.BTW thanks for the Joye 510 guide you did for us a lot of our customers love it!

    • Don says:

      Good to hear from you, Steve!

      In a nutshell, I regard eSmokerOnline as a very good, reputable supplier … with no unique items for us to review and with relatively high prices. There are not many occasions for me to mention it in my ECF posts or Vaping Guides articles.

      Look for my email to you providing a more detailed answer. All the best!

  16. Nick says:

    Hey guys, I love reading the information here.Thanks for putting out there.

    I’m looking into the NoEgo 14650 and 18650 from I want to use the best protected and safest batteries and charger out there . What would you buy?

    Also, which model do of the NoEgo would you suggest? I don’t know how long each would last before needing charging. Doh!

    Thanks for any advice you can give on the both the batteries and the NoEgo,

    • Don says:

      Thanks for your kind words. Nick!

      I love both of my NoEgo’s! Probably the least expensive (and good quality) tubular mods out there. The 14650 model is prettier and smaller and probably would keep most vapers going all day. The 18650 version keeps going about twice as long and hits a bit harder for longer (as the battery gradually drops from its fully charged 4.2V down to 3.2V).

      I like the IMR high drain batteries. I purchased my 14650 battery from ElectronicStix and my 18650 (AW brand) from Lighthound, but you could get other brands more cheaply from ElectronicStix or AtmosUSA. I use the Trustfire TR-001 Multifunction Charger (readily available, including from ElectronicStix, AtmosUSA, and MadVapes) to charge all my 3.7V batteries, whatever size.

      • Errol Nielsen says:

        I found a site that sell two”Genuine TrustFire 2*3.7V 2500mAh 18650 Protected” for $10.57 with free shipping.

        Also two “Genuine TrustFire 2*3.7V 1600mAh 14650 Protected” for $8.23 with free shipping.

        They appear to be the same thing MadVapes sells. Let me know what you think because I’ll probably be buying my bats from them unless I hear something real negative.


        • Don says:

          Nothing wrong with the Trustfires, Errol. I just prefer the IMR high-drain batteries. [The best batteries (IMR or Li-Ion) are the AW brand, but they are expensive and I only know of Lighthound as a source for them.] As for the supplier, I know nothing about them. If you think they are reliable (and don’t want the IMR) then go for it.

  17. Don says:

    I wrote about cartomizers on this page of The Wonderful World of Vaping. A cartomizer integrates both an atomizer and an e-liquid cartridge, replacing both. Potentially, it can be used with any battery source. You just have to match up the threading, e.g., 510, 901 (same as KR808D-1), 801, RN4081, E9. In most cases, even incompatible cartos and batts can be made to work together, using an adapter, e.g., $1 from Good Prophets.

    Cartomizers are far superior to cartridges in delivering e-liquid to the atomizer. But the first cartomizers weren’t great performers, so many of us dripped directly on the atty. Today, however, many are excellent. My favorite KR808D-1 cartos are the Maxx Fusion and VOLT. For the 510 (e.g., on a fat batt like the eGo or probably on your box mod), the Smok Tech Dual Coil and Boge 2.0. And the EastMall 801 cartomizers (e.g., from Vapor Junction) are wonderful.

  18. Lori says:

    I left a question about whether there is an adapter for the southbeach cartomizers and kr808d-1 batteries about 10 days ago and never heard back. I don’t mean to be a pain I just don’t know how this question and answer thing works. Do you email me the answer or is it posted here somewhere?



    • Don says:

      Please accept my deep and sincere apology! We receive an extraordinary amount of spam comments, which never appear on our site because I delete them first. I must have inadvertently deleted your valid comment amidst the others. 😳

      I suspect that the SouthBeach e-cig is the E9 model (called KR808D-2 by LeCig). If the SouthBeach carto looks like a KR808D-1 carto, but the threading is incompatible, it probably is that E9. LeCig (a trusted supplier) sells a D-1 battery to D-2 cartomizer adapter for $6, which should do the trick. [I hope you understand that I cannot guarantee that. Note the suppositions in this paragraph.]

  19. Pan says:

    Hey guys! A quick question for you all,since I am new to vaping. I am thinking of getting an eGO Tank atty and cart I currently have an eGo usb pass through model, that I primarily use as a pass through it’s rarely off it’s tether unless I have a meeting or something I am looking at getting one from gotvapes will this work with my setup?

    • Don says:

      Sure, Pan! The eGo-T is just an eGo battery (with an on/off switch) and eGo-T atomizer and tanks. The atomizer and tanks can be used with any eGo-compatible battery, e.g., your eGo passthrough, a Riva, Eric’s eGo-B, or my KGO.

      Hope you like the tanks! [I don’t especially, but many do.] If you kind of like it, you may want to try out the type B atomizer/tank (GotVapes carries the more common type A), which is larger capacity and, I think, performs better. And/or check out the LR versions of either atomizer. Cignot carries all of them (but at higher prices than GotVapes’ deal).

  20. Randy says:

    I recently started mixing my own juices. Have several LorAnn flavorings. Are there any known concerns or danger with inhaling the dyes (i.e. Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 1) found in some of the flavorings such as LorAnn Gourmet – Super Strength Chocolate?

    • Eric says:

      I have not heard of any concerns with inhaling dyes, particularly in the low concentrations that would be present when these flavorings are mixed in juices.

  21. Dyanna says:

    I’m giving ecigs another try, first attempt two years ago was disasterous with a dse901 model, device itself failed less than a week. I bought a riva 510 se for the positive reviews and price was great for a starter pv. I’m still absorbing all the info and still in transition phase to ecigs and experimenting with juices, dripping,cartos…etc,etc.

    My question: what is a “tank” and will it fit on my riva? Will most/all ego parts fit a riva 510 se?
    any other suggestions to try with my riva also welcome to help me quit this time around are def welcomed

    BTW great site here!!

    • Eric says:

      The Riva is compatible with eGo accessories, so tanks made for the Riva should fit it. The Riva and eGo are great devices and I would recommend giving low resistance atomizers a try in addition to the tanks. If the tanks works for you, you’ll enjoy a lot of time between refills. With LR atties, however, you will pretty much be stuck with dripping. Best of luck in your vaping adventure!

    • Don says:

      What Eric said! Also…

      A tank is basically a cartridge without filler and, therefore, more effective. Most are designed to work with atomizers created just for that purpose. As Eric assured you, the Joye eGo-T tanks/attys (both type A and B) – and virtually all 510/eGo parts and accessories – will work on the Riva-510. Type B is larger and holds 2 ml of e-liquid; I prefer it. Cignot is a very good source for both types of tanks and atomizers, including new LR versions (and for other Joye products).

      The first generation tanks had some problems (e.g., difficult to fill, burnt taste), but I find that these have been resolved. I’m enjoying using them (on my new 1100 mAh SLB KGO).

      Simultaneous with the introduction of tanks, cartomizers have been revamped and many are very good. Boge 2.0 ohm LR 510 cartos are well thought of, as are the Smok Tech Dual Coil. I also have been enjoying IkenVape’s Gold V2 cartos.

      All of that is the world of the 510. I have always loved the 801 penstyle type atomizer and cartomizer. With an inexpensive 510-to-801 adapter (e.g., from Good Prophets or IkenVape), they work very well on the eGo-type fat batts (like your Riva and my KGO). My favorite 801 atomizer is the EastMall DSE801 (available here in the U.S. from Vapor Junction) and I am about to try some 801 cartomizers from IkenVape.

      I have mentioned, in passing, “LR.” Low resistance atomizers and cartomizers are an inexpensive way to give more oomph (technically “watts” of power) to your vaping. Along with the right e-liquid (and nicotine level), this may be just what you need to keep you off analogs. [For more on e-liquid, check out Part III of my WWV guided and the answer to this FAQ.]

  22. Don says:

    Speaking only for myself, I am a libertarian: the less government regulation the better. I think there should be no regulation of the devices: they are innocuous. Similarly, no regulation of 0mg e-liquid.

    Nicotine is an addictive drug and I have no problem with prohibiting its purchase by children. Period.

    That’s the sale and purchase. Use in public places should be controlled by the establishment. As a vaper, I’d like to be able to vape everywhere, but if a restaurant believes that if would lose more patrons than it would gain by allowing vaping, then it should be able to prohibit it.

    • Bud Baker says:

      Thanks Don.. we share the same political views.. I suppose the question is not what we believe but what will likely happen with the FDA .. I have posted comments on the CASAA web site and am following their updates on the governmental proposed mandates.. there was an article in the WSJ just today about taxing a cig mfg company in Florida (small compared to R. J. Reynolds) because of a tax advantage they had that removal by the state would help “add to the state revenue to offset the deficit” So smoke em if you got em” .. At least for now NH has voted to regulate e-cigarettes like the analogs.. 18 an over you’re making the decision to use or not… maybe reason will prevail in other states, and with the FDA.. no need to post a reply to this.. but I would ask all readers of Vaping Guides to follow this issue and join CASAA.. Thanks for the venue, Don

  23. Hey Don I just bought a lecig d1 starter kit And I’ve been having trouble finding black prefilled cartridges for it do you know a place that might sell black prefilled cartridges that will fit My lecig d1 or should I just return it and buy the kr8?

  24. Robert says:

    Deeply appreciate will do fine…LOL

    • captain bob says:

      I had no idea that so many types of e cigs are out there. the Vaping world seems to have it own lingo as well. so forgive the simple questions to follow.
      I am interested in trying the cartomizers. I have two different cigs, Smoke everyewhere and Sure Smoke. Both use atomizers but i dont know thestyle numbers. I do know it not a 510 style, got one of those as well, but I dont want to order stuff that wont fit.
      The battery has female threadsand is 9mm in diameter, 65 mm long. With the atty(?) its 112mm.
      Can you offer any help here?
      Thanks and have a good day

      • Don says:

        I don’t know about Sure Smoke, but the Smoking Everywhere GOLD is the RN4081 model, pictured and discussed here. The battery is as you describe, but the total assembled e-cig is 103mm long. I see on the SE website that they sell “Super Size” cartridges. Perhaps that is what extends the length. Good Prophets sells cartomizers for the RN4081.

        However, I recommend that you do not throw good money after bad. Start from scratch with one of the good e-cig models, such as I describe in this article. Of the two types discussed there, the Riva-510 (Special Edition) from Liberty-Flights is the most cost-effective ($35 after 20% discount) fat batt … the new Bloog MaxX Fusion (reviewed here) is the best (albeit expensive) Kr8.

        • captain bob says:

          Thank you Don for the info. FYI, Sure Smoke is a two Kiosk operation here in Fort Worth area. My wonderful wife bought my starter kit there. It is identicle to the SE Gold, down to the brand of charger.
          Thanks fo the advice. Ill be back to the website for more as i get into this.
          Capt Bob

  25. Robert says:

    Hey Don,

    I just got in to vaping 10 days ago.
    My Girlfriend got me an X-Power 900 tnat I used for 2 whole days before losing it…. (I’ve just ordered a new 900c kit from CanadaVapes to replace it).
    A friend of mine is “regifting” me a Greensmoke starter kit that he never opened (hey, at least I didn’t have to pay 139$ for it) while I’m waiting for mine to arrive (it’s backorder).
    I’ve been doing a LOT of reading in the mean time (did I thank you enough for your WWC posts on ECF & here?) and I can’t seem to find many reviews/comparaisons for the X-Power.
    How does it compare to the other big bats?
    Also, I’ve been able to find a 301/601 to 510 thread adapter.
    How do the 301 carts/attys compare to the 510s?
    I was thinking of getting the new eGo tanks (now that I can fit them on my XP). Has anyone done reviews on them?
    Now, Last question (I promise).
    Seeing that I lost my original XP (it fell out of my jacket pocket) mostly due to it’s size and bulkn (not a negative comment, just an observation), I was thinking of getting another model closer to a real analog to carry around (and hopefully NOT lose again).
    Would the Kr8 be a good carry around e-cig or would you suggest the 510?

    thank you again for educating us noobs.


    • Don says:


      I have no firsthand experience with the X-Power or with the 301/601 atomizers/cartomizers. I see that the X-Power has been reviewed by Jackal3, video reviewed by pclay43, and is discussed in this thread (among others I am sure).

      There are scads of reviews of the eGO Tank (aka eGO-T and Tornado-T), e.g., in ECF’s Electronic Cigarette Reviews and Electronic Cigarette Video Reviews forums. Again, I have no personal experience. You see, I am an 801 and Leo man, e.g., see my Leo review.

      As for a “model closer to a real analog”: That I do have some experience with. I highly recommend the Bloog MaxX Fusion. It is KR808D-1 compatible, but quite unique and far superior to any other Kr8 or any other mini or super-mini I have ever used. I reviewed it recently on ECF. The Maxxy (as I affectionately call it) is not cheap, but well worth it IMO. [Discount code VGDTEN will get you 10% off.] I said above that I am an 801 and Leo man … I also now am a Maxxy man.

      • Robert says:

        What!!! There is ACTUALLY a model you haven’t tied yet!!! I’m shocked.
        I can’t wait to read your review on it when you do.

        Thank you for the links, I’ve finished going through them.
        Being a newbie I hadn’t realized that the 301 cartridges and cartos on the X-Power contained so much more than the conventional ones (although they are starting to catch up it seems). I don’t think I’ll have to go for the eGo tank since it holds the same amount as the 301s.

        I’ve looked up the Maxxy kits you suggested (and read your review of course) then went on to the bloog site where 2 surprises awaited.
        1. Both the Mini PCC and Ultimate starter kits are Out of Stock (I guess you are doing TOO good a job telling people how good they are…)
        2. More importantly (and something I am running into VERY FREQUENTLY), they don’t seem to deliver to CANADA!?!?!?!?

        Do you know of any other distributor?

        Robert (aka TTP inc)

        • Robert says:

          By the way, I have a “value” question for you.
          Since the kits you suggested from Bloog are back order (Chris told me it would be a week or 2) and my replacement XP900c kit is also back order for the same amount of time (WOW! eCigs are REALLY getting popular), I’ve been searching the online classified to get my fix (at least temporarily).

          I found this posting and contacted the seller, but I’d like to get you opinion on the quality/value of it.

          Here is the link

          The text is in French but between the scans of the (English) invoices and the photos I figured you could get a good idea of it anyways.

          As always, thank you for your continued help of this clueless newbie.

          TTP inc (aka Robert)

          • Don says:

            Bloog’s not shipping to Canada is very frustrating. Have you written to them [] to see if there is some way around that? It may have something to do with Canada’s prohibition (as I understand it) of nicotine e-liquid, cartridges, and cartomizers. Since the MaxX Fusion is proprietary to Bloog, I don’t know of any other supplier. [They might be making arrangements with Canadian and European suppliers to sell their products. For example, I see that Happy Vaper sells SuperTManufacturing’s Precise models.]

            The e-cig model being sold in that ad was the most popular in 2009 and the Joye 510 atomizer (today used primarily on fat batts like the eGO or on mods like the Precise) still dominates the world of vaping. The Joye 510 battery (branded “Titan” by Totally Wicked) is very reliable, but only 180 mAh. That PCC will get a lot of use.

            Decadent Vapour e-liquid is some of the best in the world. If the nicotine level and flavors are good for you, you probably would enjoy it. I’m not sure whether that entire package is a good deal or the best thing for you right now.

          • Robert says:

            LOL, I LOVE you Don.

            After showing the seller your comments, he cut the price to $150…without me even saying a thing…LOL.

            At that price it too good to pass up. I’ll be able to afford to make mistakes and since LITECIG now carries a 301/601 to 501 adapter, I’ll have oodles of spare parts (especially now that Canada Customs is Poopooing on ANYTHING eCig related) and enough eliquid to wait out the end of this silly Ban.
            I promise I will send you a bottle of my best concoction (any preference?) as soon as I get the hang of mixing.

            Thank you again,



            [The system is not allowing any more replies in this long discussion of ours, so I have to smuggle my response in as an edit to your message.]

            I am very pleased for you … and wish you success in working something out with Bloog!

            As for your “LOVE”, please be aware that I don’t swing that way. πŸ˜‰ I’ll take that as “deeply appreciate” … OK?


          • Robert says:

            PS. I’ve been in touch with Chris at Bloog’s. We are trying to figure a way around the Canadian Prohibition (Weird, I always thought of “Prohibition” as being American. I wonder If we’ll see Bootlegger running the border South to North this time….).

            I’m looking for Vaping Stores and/or Retailers in Plattsburgh NY (or accommodating vapers), if you know of any please let me know.

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