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Single or Dual Coil?

Should you be using single or dual coil cartomizers?  There is no real answer.  As with many things in the vaping world, it all comes down to personal preference. When shopping for cartomizers you will often see vendors selling both single and dual coil cartomizers.  Smoke Tech’s line of dual coil tanks (DCTs), for example, […]

Kanger Protank at Viper-Vape

The Kanger Protank is a larger version of the EVOD that I really enjoy.  The 2.5ml capacity of the Protank overcomes one of my only complaints with the EVOD, its rather skimpy 1.2ml capacity.  All metal and glass construction are pretty nifty, too.  Viper Vapes now has the Protank for only $18.50 and you can […]

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes – A Poor Introduction

It struck me again today that electronic cigarette companies seem to be a little behind the curve when it comes to introducing their product. I saw a lady pick up a Blu disposable at a drugstore. It was obviously her first electronic cigarette purchase, and I was sorry to that her first impression was going […]

After awhile just about any electronic cigarette atomizer or cartomizer will start to lose flavor, taste burnt or just plain provide less satisfaction.  I’ve been using a Smok Tech rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) for a few weeks  and lately it has not been performing well at all.  I wasn’t getting any burnt taste, but there […]

Smok Tech Rebuildable Drip Atomizer (RDA)

Cartomizers and tanks are great at holding lots of e-liquid and atomizers are good for dripping a few drops at a time. Smok Tech has recently introduced a Rebuildable Drip Atomizer (RDA) that just happens to be a great in-between solution. Dubbed the Octopus because of its 8 wick setup, this atomizer is not only […]

EVOD BCC Clearomizer

I finally found a clearomizer that I really like.  The Kangertech EVOD BCC delivers a great combination of throat hit and flavor that I haven’t found in other clearomizers.  In addition, I have not had a single burnt hit from it.  The performance is probably due to the fact that it is a bottom coil […]

A Great Cartomizer, the 801 Fusion

Last year Don gave us a great review of the 801 Fusion cartomizer from Ikenvape. He loved them, but I never got around to trying them… until now. I recently picked up a few to try out and have been using one for the past week on a VMAX with a 801-510 adapter. Isaac has […]

Larger Volt Batteries

Smokeless Image has added a selection of larger Volt X2 batteries to their lineup.  We’ve been a big fan of the Volt as a great first electronic cigarette, but the short battery life has always been a drawback to the mini form factor.  The larger 650, 900 and 1100mAh batteries will be a great second […]

Super Shorty 1.7ohm Cartomizer

Sometimes good things do come in small packages.  Madvapes has recently started stocking a “Super Shorty” version of the 1.7ohm single coil cartomizer.  With a tube measuring only 20mm, this cartomizer is a little over half the length of a dual coil shorty and about 2mm shorter than a 510 atomizer.  The super shorty only […]

Why cartomizers?

The question of “why should I use cartomizers” seems to come up often.  To an electronic cigarette user who has started out using atomizers, the idea of adding a whole lot of e-liquid to a cartomizer and still having to top it off every now and then may seem a little complicated.  After a few […]